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the suspects

Henchman Sr.

“I never got the credit I deserved. After all these years he never once said “good job”. A little gratitude can go a long way in this industry.”

The Mistress

“He always said I was to die for, I guess he was right. Of course im going to miss him, but my heart heals quickly, and there’s plenty of fish in the sea.”

The Chauffeur

“I was his loyal right hand man for 6 years without a single raise. I’m not saying he deserved to die, but he wasn’t exactly a generous, upstanding man.”

Henchman Jr.

“I appreciated the opportunity he gave me. Two weeks working for him, and I had already made more money than a year at my last job.”

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Do we really get a treasure map?

Yes, you will receive a real treasure map that will need to be decoded by adventuring around the city solving puzzles. 

Why do we have to figure out "Who Shot The Boss"?

Solving the murder mystery will lead you to the hidden cash!

How do we figure out “Who Shot The Boss”?

The only way to solve the mystery of Who Shot The Boss is by purchasing your map and solving the puzzles. 

Is Gold Rush Canada family friendly?

Yes, however being a murder mystery it is geared towards an 18+ audience.

Can I buy a map as a gift?

Yes, upon checkout you will be asked to provide the name and email of the participant. You can gift the map & clues by entering the name and email of the person you wish to gift the experience to.

Is the treasure on private property?

No, DO NOT trespass on any private property.

I can’t start on the event date, can I still participate?

Yes, we anticipate it will take many days before someone solves the riddles, figures out “Who Shot The Boss, and locates his hidden treasure.

Can I solve the murder mystery & find the treasure with no map?

No, you must purchase a map/map & clues to be eligible to find the treasure. If you locate treasure/clues without a purchased map you will be disqualified from retaining the cash value of the treasure. 

Can I solve the mystery with only a map, without buying bonus clues?

Yes, the only thing you need to solve the mystery of "Who Shot The Boss" and locate his hidden treasure is a map, the extra clues may provide a quicker opportunity to solve puzzles.

How old do you have to be?

You must be the age of consent in the province you reside to make a purchase. 

All ages can participate when supervised by an adult. 

Can we register a team?

Yes, you can register a team, you will be provided this option on checkout. 

Is this a lottery?

This is not a lottery, there is no guaranteed prize/reward and there is no random draw or draw date.

You are purchasing your participation in a live entertainment experience, with an opportunity to find a treasure.

Gold Rush Canada adheres to Ad Standards Canada 


Does everyone get the same clues?

Yes, everyone gets the same map, everyone who purchased clues gets the same set of clues.

Will we need a shovel?

NO, you will NOT need a shovel.

NO DIGGING is required to find any clue or treasure.

What are the clues / how do they help?

The clues will potentially help you fast track solving the puzzles and decode the map faster.

Any places off limits?

The following places are off limits / no clues or treasure are hidden in the following places: Public parks, flower beds, cemeteries, school fields, sports fields, any dangerous location.

How many participants per map?

1 participant per map. If you wish to register a team, we recommend that each participant purchases a map. The treasure if found will only be rewarded to and divided equally between participants with a purchased map. IE: By joining a team without purchasing a map, you’re relying on your friends to split the treasure equally within the team.

Can you use a metal detector?

Yes, you can use a metal detector however we don’t recommend it as solving the puzzles with your purchased map/clues is the fastest way to discover the treasure.

How does it work?

$ 500,000 in cash treasure has been buried/hidden in 6 Canadian cities, with a minimum of $80,000 per city. 

Purchase a map with or without the bonus clues, solve the puzzles to find out "Who Shot The Boss" and locate the hidden cash treasure. 

There you go!

How deep is it buried?

The treasure/clues are buried only a few inches underground and WILL NOT require a shovel to be uncovered.

Is there a time limit?

There is no time limit, the treasure will remain buried/hidden indefinitely or until found.